I was there, lost, wasted for almost three months. With no real connection to people whatsoever.

This morning after a night spent watching youtube videos i looked out and saw a blue sky, wind and wild geese traveling south. I decided to walk. Moon landscape of fields, and as i sleepwalked through the morning sunny cold wind, i saw the changes, the greediness of good people, the little birds of hope, mud and disappeared paths. Everything becomes a field.

I will pack and drift away soon. It's only a fear which holds me here still. When i break all her string, i'll go. I'll meet you. I'll love you and suffer and do and be with you for you are all the people. Let there be sadness, tiredness, loneliness, insecurity. Let them all come and be and go.

Just you, my addictions and the old, endlessly repeated mistakes, please leave me be. You are the companions i don't welcome.

Fear not. For we know nothing about tomorrow.

And so it starts.